New York

  1. Grand Central Station
    • Free
    • Historic building, central to the city
  2. Times Square
    • Free
    • Classic NYC tourist spot, lots of shops and restaurants
  3. 30 Rock
    • Free
    • There are tours (check for availability), but they weren’t running when we were there
    • Gift shop is full of fun NBC memorabilia
  4. New York Public Library
    • Free
    • Historic building, interesting tour
  5. City streets
    • Free
    • Wandering up and down the city streets, getting a feel for the city
  6. Trump Tower
    • Free
    • Cool building, located on Fifth Avenue
  7. Central Park
    • Free
    • Beautiful, iconic location
    • Lots to explore
  8. Crowne Plaza
    • Free
    • Beautiful hotel, historic
    • We got to see the set up for a wedding at the Plaza!
  9. Metropolitan Museum of Art 
    • $12-$25
    • Fascinating museum
  10. Tiffany’s
    • Free
    • Feel fancy looking around at the iconic jewelry store

Other things we considered and didn’t have time for:

  1. Staten Island Ferry
    • Free
  2. Statue of Liberty
    • Varies based on desired visit (entrance onto Liberty Island, or just a cruise around)



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