Montreal, Quebec

Date visited: March 22, 2014

Hours on the road: 4.5

Cost/person: $50

City descriptor: Bustling

Outstanding memory: Observing real live penguins at the biodome

Ideal visitor: 21-29 year olds

This trip had a completely different feel since Montreal is an easy 2 hour drive, it was a piece of cake after our last two trips! It was also more relaxed in regards to our checklist for the day since we have done various aspects of Montreal individually before. Our main reason in going was to visit the Biodome- a wondrous place where you can walk through 4 biospheres in the span of 2 hours. Parrots, beavers, piranhas, penguins. They were all there.

phone 014

These penguins literally stood and stared at the wall. So we stood and stared at them.

We then headed into the downtown core of Montreal for some eating, shopping, and eating again. We found a great little chocolate cafe, where we indulged on some scrumptious treats!

phone 023

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Then, we hit the stores.

Shopping in Montreal is a must-do as there are many one-of-a-kind type shops throughout the city as well as big name stores that aren’t commonly found. We got some great finds and enjoyed being a part of the bustling city for a few hours.

From there, we wandered down to the (frozen) waterfront and explored old Montreal, where we had dinner an Italian restaurant. Just like shopping, eating in Montreal is an experience in itself, the city offers a great variety in cuisine – including restaurants who only serve poutine – which is a classic Canadian experience!

phone 030Before heading home, we headed up Mt. Royal for the great view of the city – well worth the hike through the ice and snow!


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