Washington DC

  1. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • Free (but timed visits, so you want to go early in the day to get your ticket and plan the rest of your day around it)
  2. Walking down the National Mall
    • Free
  3. American History Museum
    • Free
    • See the flag that inspired Star Spangled Banner and Dorothy’s ruby slippers (amongst other things)
  4. Air and Space Museum
    • Free
    • SO COOL
  5. National Zoo
    • Free
    • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Also, pandas.
  6. US Capitol
    • Free
  7. White House
    • Free (we just stood outside and looked at it)
  8. Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool
    • Free
  9. World War II Memorial
    • Free
  10. Korean War Veterans Memorial
    • Free
  11. Washington Monument 
    • Free
  12. Postal Museum
    • Free
    • See the evolution of how you get your mail, from the Pony Express all the way to modern day mail-delivery
  13. US Supreme Court
    • Free
  14. Library of Congress 
    • Free
  15. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    • Free
  16. Union Station
  17. Potomac River
  18. Walking around Georgetown 
    • Free
    • Included a visit to Georgetown Cupcake. Mmmm.

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