Pack Smart

This particular method of travelling means that you don’t need to worry too much about packing. You’re only gone for a day or two, so no need to pack a ton of stuff. We did, however, quickly learn some things that are ideal to pack no matter how long you’re gone for.

  1. Food: Bring as much as you are able to (use coolers if needed, but be aware of laws if you’re crossing international borders). This saves money and time. On our long drive to Halifax, we ate almost entirely in the car. We had brought sandwiches, fruit, juice, water, muffins, and a bunch of other snacks so that our pit stops could be as quick as possible. Less fast food, less money, less time wasted getting food.
  2. Weather appropriate clothes: You’re only gone for a day or two, so you can get a pretty good idea of what the weather will be. Dress in lots of layers as you’ll likely be going in and out of buildings. Proper footwear is key. We were so thankful for our intense winter boots while we were in Quebec City!
  3. Water Bottles: Bring as many water bottles as you are people. You’ll be able to refill them at many of your stops, and there’s nothing worse than being thirsty and not having any water! It’s worth carrying the extra weight, we promise.
  4. Pillows and blankets: It’s a lot easier to sleep in the car if you have a blanket and pillow each. To save on space in the car, remember that one of you will always be driving, so bring one less blanket. We also found it useful to have ear plugs so the driver could listen to music while the others tried to sleep.
  5. Camera: No “what to pack” list would be complete without mentioning a camera. If you have a nice camera, now’s the time to pull that baby out. It’s going to be with you the entire time, so no fear of it getting stolen. If you don’t, then at least make sure you snap some photos with your phone. You’ll want to remember your trip (and based on how tired you’ll be, you’ll need some photos to jog your memory).

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