Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

One word to describe the city: Coke-less

Cost per person: $150

Kilometers driven: 1340 (unless we are counting from Halifax)

Hours spent: 42

Attractions/Sights: for more detailed info, see our “What We Did” page

Rating: 10 out of 12

Ideal Visitor: Anne of Green Gables fans and Pepsi lovers

Level of sadness watching the Island disappear as we left: Infinity

Since we had driven all the way out to Halifax, we thought we’d add on another city: Charlottetown.

Our drive to PEI was a short trip in comparison to some of our other cities – it was only 4 hours! We arrived under the cover of darkness and literally set up camp in Cavendish National Park. It was quite glamorous.


The next morning we awoke ready to take on PEI! We ventured down to the world famous red sand beach and enjoyed a nutritious breakfast (Nutella: a 12in12 must.) all the while trying to stay ahead of the multiple Japanese tourist buses coming to see all things Anne of Green Gables.


Thus began our day of Prince Edward Island. First, we went to the house that was the inspiration for Green Gables, and a dream of mine was achieved. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was fangirling. Elyse and Liz joined in on the fun too!


From there, we went to Cows Creamery (a PEI landmark) for a tour of their factory and the free scoop of ice cream. Cows is also well known for their various cow-themed spoofs and original comics, a select few that we thought were great:


We then ventured into the bustling city of Charlottetown! As Canada is coming up on the big 1-5-0, there were some festivities in town to celebrate as the Charlottetown Conference (where talks of Canada’s independence first started) was in 1864.


Obviously, the Islanders were quite invested in this “uniting as a country” idea.


Red sand sculpture of the Charlottetown Conference.


Sneaking a peek at the view from the PEI legislature building.

We finished the day the way we started: with Anne. The Anne of Green Gables Musical has been playing in Charlottetown for over 50 years, so it definitely qualified as a must-do for the city.

All in all, it was a great city. However, we feel that we should warn in advance that the delicious, refreshing drink Coca-Cola is a hard thing to find on the Island. They have it in their heads that Pepsi is the better choice. Outside of this ideology, PEI is a beautiful province and was a great city #7 for 12in12!



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