Economize on Gas

When you are going on a roadtrip, you have some costs you can’t avoid. These are the best places to cut corners and save cashola. Gas is one of those categories. We cannot emphasize this enough. Gas has been ridiculously cheap on our trips and it is all thanks to a few key decisions.

1. Drive a small vehicle– 99% of our success is due to to Liz’s trusty Hyundai. It transports our stuff and selves while minimizing over all cost.

2. Utilize specials and sales- PetroCanada had a special card we cashed in on that took 5 cents of every litre of gas we purchased on our way to Halifax. Every penny counts!

3. Cash in points– Elyse’s credit card allows you to get gas gift cards for points. We did this a couple times and saved $100 right there.

4. Plan it out– on several of our trips we’ve had to drive through Quebec. Gas is about 10 cents more expensive per litre there than anywhere else. Therefore we filled up well before crossing that invisible border.

And those are our top tips on how to stretch out gas costs and get to more places sooner.


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