Boston, Massachusetts

On the Freedom Trail

1. USS Constitution

  • free
  • go through airport-style security (you’ll need photo ID, passport if you’re international)
  • go aboard the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat in the whole world
  • the free “tour” isn’t so much a tour as an introduction to the ship, but everyone on board is able to answer questions

2. Faneuil Hall

  • free
  • go through the markets and see the beautiful historic buildings

3. Old State House

  • Fee (part of $13 discounted tickets)
  • Boston’s oldest surviving public building

4. Old South Meeting House

  • Fee (part of the $13 discounted tickets)
  • Where the Boston Tea Party was organized

5. Boston Common and Public Garden

  • free
  • beautiful public park and gardens

6. Paul Revere House

  •  Fee (part of the $13 discounted tickets)
  • Where Paul Revere lived

7. Boston Massacre Site, Old Corner Bookstore, State House

  • free
  • also all on the Freedom Trail, but we just walked past them

Other than Freedom Trail

8. Wandered around Beacon Hill

  • free
  • beautiful, quiet neighbourhood

9. Public Library

  • free
  • Art and Architecture tour
  • One of the most beautiful libraries we’ve seen, lots of very interesting history

10. Mike’s Pastry

  • Depends how many cannolis you buy!
  • buy a famous cannoli and enjoy it for desert

11. Walk around North End

  • Free
  • Another neighbourhood in Boston

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