Savannah, Georgia

One word to describe the city: Sleepy

Cost per person: 130

Kilometers driven: 1855

Hours spent: 16

Attractions/Sights: for more detailed info, see our “What We Did” page

Rating: 7 out of 12

Ideal Visitor: Lovers of history and lovers in pairs


This was it. Something we had been talking about for months. Something we had hoped we’d be able to do but weren’t sure we would be able to pull off. Something we called the Southern Swing. With a goal of hitting a couple key southern spots in a short period of time, we planned to leave Ottawa very early on a Monday morning. Despite our excitement that we were actually going to do this there was a significant amount of dread as well. We love 12in12, but you know how it is. Sometimes we just question our ability to make wise decisions for ourselves, especially when that decision is to drive 2000km for one day in a city. Actress and chanteuse Kristen Bell sums it up well:

Excited with mixed feelings

Despite our apprehension the 16 hour drive to Savannah passed taylor swiftly.  We had pre-booked a hotel in the historic district and got some rest before waking up for our day in the beautiful city.


We just so happened to be in Savannah on Veterans Day. Our Canadian experiences on November 11 have been significantly more somber than what we saw here, in large part because Veterans Day is a big celebration of all those who have served in the American forces. We got to see a parade put on for the occasion, and let me tell you it was quite the show. I think my favourite moment was witnessing a small group of children passing the time in a pause of the parade by jumping up and down and yelling “America” over and over again. Highly patriotic and amusing but altogether appropriate for the tone of the day.


Casually patriotic


Rock it girl

After the parade we took a stroll down to the park for a picnic. The park was gorgeous and the trees really were romantic in everyday you would imagine Georgia to be. One unexpected surprise through was the smell in this part of town. It seemed like half the town has made an egg salad two weeks ago and had forgotten it outside on their architecturally significant porch. We were later told that the smell comes from the local paper mill and that everyone likes it since it is the “smell of money”……Chalk it up to cultural differences I guess.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a series of historic home visits. Learned all sorts of things about the Civil War, home style trends in the 1800s, and also that there are still amazing causes out there to learn about. Time to get educated people- the threat is real.


When was the last time you made it out to your local anti-dueling club? #shame #truthtopower #bethechange


Also got in trouble with a security guard when I took one of those photos where you imitate the statues pose right beside it (hilarious right?). She proceeded to follow us around with less subtlety than a Claire’s employee at a bogo sale:



A snap of her trying to chase us into the next gallery


All in all a lovely day spent in the shadow of Forrest Gump and Scarlett O’Hara. Starting off with a bang we were well on our way to dominance on this our most southern of swings.





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