Nashville, Tennessee

One word to describe the city: Lively
Cost per person: 140
Kilometers driven: 1,850km
Hours spent: 12
Attractions/Sights: See here
Rating: It’s the only ten I see (Tennessee?? Yes?? Sorry. I had to.) Seriously, 10/12
Ideal visitor: Families with older/adult children or bachelorette parties

City 11 required a little more logistical gymnastics than we’ve had to do for previous trips. Elyse was still home for the holidays, but came back to Ottawa and picked up the car and then drove back to her parents’ house. Her and Emily left from Cambridge for the long drive to Nashville on Thursday, and Liz flew from Ottawa to Nashville on Friday morning. The Sherlocks out there will note that Elyse basically spent the entire week travelling to get to Nashville.

thanks Elyse

So, after Elyse’s journey’s across Ontario, a few border mishaps, bad weather, delayed flights and sprints through Toronto’s Pearson Airport, we were all reunited and ready to take on Nashville, the Music City!

One of the biggest things we noticed is that in almost 100% of the cafés and restaurants, someone was playing live music. All day. And we were there on a weekday. This truly is the city of aspirational musicians.

Going into this trip, all of us kind of assumed that this would be our one shot at Nashville. It’s a city we all wanted to visit, but none of us had very high expectations of it being a city we’d return to. So, of course, we had to pack as much in as we could. First stop: The Opryland Hotel. This massive hotel has a river running through it and it’s basically a giant city.


Just to reiterate the point, there is a river that runs through this hotel and you can pay to take a “cruise” on it. It’s pretty cool. We only stayed for 15 minutes to make use of the free parking.

And of course, while we were in Nashville, we had to hit up the Ryman Auditorium, the long time home of the Grand Ole Opry. Very cool to learn that the success of this venue is basically chalked up to one enterprising woman in the 30s. Nice move female gender. Making history happen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


At the Grand Ole Opry

After the Ryman we hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame to see what there was to learn. Turns out, there was tons we didn’t already know.

We learned a surprising amount about the general sex-appeal of various country musicians at the Country Music Hall of Fame. This was a much highlighted characteristic of the stars featured here.


Fact: Kenny Rogers has that laid-back sex appeal

We learned that Elvis Presley drove an ugly car and actually paid to put 24k gold flakes in the paint. Also there was TV in his car, which seemed impressive given he was driving it over half a century ago.

We also learned a lesson we’ve been learning all year and that lesson is that carrots are a great snack and you can sneak them in anywhere but you have to be careful about that crunch though.


Sneaking food #classic12in12



Lots of records make for cool decorations

But the real magic of Nashville is the live music literally everywhere. After wandering downtown, we went to a restaurant that came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. The bathroom attendant was chatty and there were horse statues hanging from the roof. Also we were treated to an acoustic set by Brother Trouble while we ate and drank out of this awesome novelty cup. What more can three girls ask for in Nashville?


The restaurant also provide some good ol’ fashioned line-dancing lessons. We got dem skillz yo.


We stayed for a couple songs of Brother Trouble’s full band set before we hit the road towards Chicago- our last city in 12 in 12!!!


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