It is extremely difficult to summarize the experience of 12in12. All we can really say is that it was worth it.

May our crazy story serve as an inspiration to would-be travelers everywhere. No more excuses about not having enough time or enough money. You want to go to NYC?


What about Chicago?


Maybe a quick trip to Halifax or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? We have three words for you:


And with those words of wisdom, we’ll leave you with our final tally:

Cities: 12 and 3 quarters

Months: 12

Kilometers: 17,941

Money spent: $1,489/person OR $124/city/person

Museums: 12

Live music performances: 1

Libraries: 4

Forts: 3

Factories: 1

Comedy Clubs: 1

Churches: 3

Musicals: 2

Forms of Transportation: 6

Restaurants: 11

Episodes of Serial: 8

Parks: 6

Zoos: 2

Train stations: 1

Magical castles that serve as boarding schools: 1

Gutenburg Bibles: 2

Winter Carnivals: 1

Beaches: 2

Farmers Markets: 1

Hotels (stayed in): 7

Hotels (visited): 2

Courts of law: 1

Cokes consumed: Immeasureable

Amusement Parks: 1

Legislatures: 3

Neighbourhoods wandered: who can remember? We were sleep deprived!


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